• February 24 Tue 2015
    < Notice> NSLA closed down its Chatswood operations on February 21st 2015.
    Thank you so mcuh for your support. 
  • February 24 Tue 2015
    2014 HSC Timetable
    The Board of Studies has proposed the development of an ATAR bonus point scheme for students who have studied a language. 
    Also learning a language in primary school could be compulsory?
    2012 HSC Results: Congratulations for all our students for their great results!
    C. Wong HSC Japanese Beg NSW 5th 2012!
    S. Li  96/ 43 , J. Foo 90. J. Jee 97/ 45, C. Lim 96 (French 2 unit)……
    A. Chen HSC Japanese Ext NSW 4th 2011!
    S. Oh HSC Japanese Con NSW 3th 2010!
  • August 29 Fri 2014
       -> “ Su Go I“ simply means “ cool”. When someone shows something nice, they do something great, or you find something particularly cool, simply say “Su Go I”. It’s easy!
    : 'Korean Langauge & Culture'
    at NSLA?

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