Enrolment Condition

  • There are no refunds or cancellations once fees are paid.
  • Tuition fee should be paid on a term basis (10 weeks for high school students and 8 weeks for adult learners) for group lessons and minimum 5 sessions for private lessons.
  • All fees for adult group courses should be paid in advance at least one week before the course commencing date. If there are not enough students for the course, it will be cancelled and students will be informed via SMS or email three days before the course commencing date.
  • Students who join any course in the middle of the term are allowed to pay for the remaining lessons of the term.
  • The Academy will not accept responsibility for changes in work or personal circumstances which may prevent attendance.
  • The Academy will not provide supplementary lessons due to student tardiness - it is the student's responsibility to attend lessons on time.
  • Basically, once a course starts, the lesson time is fixed. Any request to change a previously agreed private lesson time must be made and approved by the Academy, at least 1 business day prior to that lesson. However, we understand students wake up and may not feel well on the lesson day. In that case, students are still allowed to make up for it on another day at no additional charge if a text message is sent to BOTH manager 0405 240 007 & office mobile 0430 236 022 before 9am on the very of the lesson. Please note that this does not apply to students in group lessons. Students have responsibility for charge of tuition fee due to late notice. Please note that the Academy still has to pay teachers notwithstanding non attendance by students who have not given the required notice.
  • Please provide staff with medical certificate of student's health status if there is any. The academy has no responsibility for any safety / health incidents if the student didn't provide his/her legal medical document.
  • Students MUST NOT exchange contact numbers with teachers. The Academy has no responsibility for any accidents that may happen outside the classroom by not abiding by the safety rules. Please contact the Academy directly for any enquiries.
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